UP 2024



What is your mission as an innovator? What are the world's megatrends? How can we leverage technologies to transform our world for the better? These and many more questions you will explore at INSIDEOUT Summit. 

The INSIDEOUT Summit is a tailored experience connecting innovators across sectors to explore the forefront of purpose-driven innovation. The summit will unite around 150+ visionaries to discuss leveraging innovations like AI, blockchain, and robotics to address pressing global challenges around climate change, circular economy, sustainability, etc. We will explore innovators’ personal growth, delving into techniques for enhancing cognitive skills and navigating information overload in the digital age.


Because true innovation comes with purpose, and purpose lies within YOU! 

Explore with us what your mission as an innovator is, and how you can leverage the latest technology to fulfill it and transform our world for the better!

05.06.2024 12:00 - 20:00
ÖBB Open Innovation Factory

Innovation Enthusiast This ticket is suitable for purpose-driven innovation enthusiasts.
35.00 EUR

Corporate This ticket is suitable for innovators and visionaries from corporates, institutions and large scale organizations.
110.00 EUR

Enabler This ticket is suitable for enablers (e.g. accelerators, incubators, investors, foundations, NGOs)
70.00 EUR

Start-up This ticket is suitable for startup (early stage ventures) founders and team members.
45.00 EUR
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Please note that photos and video may be taken during the event for documentation or promotion purposes.